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February 2017  


Important Update: Everything we are doing is on their computer OneNote notebook and available for you to view. The link below should take you to your child's sign-in page.     


Their login is their lunch number;




4th Grade AIG


"Building Big, Bridges" Engineering unit: In this problem-base project, all students are learning how to design a bridge that meets specific code requirements.


Reading: We have completed our research on the different types of bridges, and the importance of an effective company name, logo and slogan.  


Math: Here we learned how designs and shapes effect the strength of our bridges.


Now that both groups have finished their blue print designs, everyone is building, learning how to maintain a budget, and complete purchase orders and construction reports.




What's next: Coming Soon…. Bridge Destruction-  We will test how much weight our bridge can support until it breaks.  The students will calculate their efficiency load scores and budget saving score. Who will be our Efficiency Bridge winner?




5th Grade AIG


Math: How to become a Problem-Solving Genius.  We have completed Think 1 and 2-10 Method strategies.  Currently we are solving problems applying the "Draw a Picture" strategy to solve complex word problems.  Using Ratios is our last strategy is this unit. Then we will begin our Mini-Society Financial Literacy unit.


Reading: Mock Trials. It is almost Trial Time…Now that we understand the basic foundations of Judicial Law, we are formulation our Opening Statements, Legal Arguments and Closing Statement to present our evidence to the jury. 




October 2016

Carolina Forest International Elementary School

 AIG Newsletter

Important Update:

4th Grade: Items of need: 4oz. bottles of Elmer glue 

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me at


4th Grade AIG

I am pleased to inform you that our class completed the Gifts Unit which ended with our mummification project.

We are in the beginning stages of our "Building Big, Bridges" Engineering unit.  Depending on Each content area explores either a Math or Reading focus.

Reading: NC Commerce and Civil Engineering is complete. We researched Coastal Tourism and how much money is generated through our beaches. We linked this to the decisions our Legislatures made on spending our tax dollars to build the new bridge to Surf City and Topsail Island.  We researched Civil Engineering and discussed the role of this job.  

Math: Here we learned about Tourism and the amount of money it generates in tax revenue.  Now we are exploring the effects of Forces, Loads, Materials, and Shapes on bridges.  


What's next: Types of Bridges, Business Information, Bridge Building and efficiency testing of load and budget


5th Grade AIG

We have completed our Traits of Courage unit (material, shields and rubric went home last week). Check out our AIG Notebook on your child’s computer to review their speeches as well as their upcoming enrichment modules.

Math: How to become a Problem Solving Genius.  We are working on the strategy, “Think 1” to solve complex word problems.

Reading: Mock Trials. We are learning the basic foundations of Judicial Law in order to analyze mock case studies. We are using critical analysis to find evidence & present through persuasive arguments.

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