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Summer Vacations  

Enjoy your SUMMER VACATIONS! See you next school year!



Ms. Acevedo

Dress Code  

Good afternoon dear families, 


Warm weather is upon us. Please, be sure to supervise your child before go to school,  note the following are taken from the student/staff handbook.


Repeat offenders should be referred to the office.


DRESS CODE (students)



The dress and appearance of students has a significant effect upon conduct and behavior while at school. It is expected that students will be dressed and groomed appropriately for the age group of the individual. Carolina Forest International Elementary School, in accordance to OCS Board Policy has adopted the following dress code guidelines:


* No hats inside of building.


* Appropriate shoes should be worn for safety reasons keeping in mind students have daily recess and physical activity. Flip flops are not safe footwear and should not be worn. Shoes should have a heel strap.


* No brief or revealing attire. Shorts, skirts, and skorts must be appropriate length (generally fingertip length). Baggy pants/shorts are not permitted. A jacket or shirt should be worn over/under tank tops and spaghetti strap shirts/dresses.


* Clothing that encourages the use of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs, or contains the use of profanity is not permitted.


If you have any doubt, please, review your Student handbook.


Thanks for your attention,

Welcome back! Bienvenidos  

Hola! Welcome back to school! Bienvenidos de regreso a la Escuela!

I hope you had a fantastic summer and be prepare for and amazing year in 2nd grade!

I'm so excite to see you on August 29, in our 1st day of class! 

Ms. Acevedo