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March 19 -23  




March 15, 2018

Subject: Social Studies                                              Teacher: Ms. Pinnace

1st Check in Date: 3/26/18 Poster Info. Sheet       2nd Check in Date: Ethnic Doll 4/9/18

                                           Entire Project Due Date: April 12, 2018

Project Name: Cultures and Traditions, One Pager (Country, cultural holidays, foods, unique facts, ancestors, flag, currency, famous citizen, map location, pictures of traditional clothing) Decorated paper doll. – Culturas y Tradiciones



Materials: computer, printer, fabric (pieces of different colors for the clothing of the doll), markers, pencil, coloring pencils.


Objectives: Students will understand that cultural practices and traditions are influenced and sustained by the dynamic diversity of their populations.


a.    One pager (This will include all the information required above) One pager example is in students’ agenda.

b.    Decorated Paper Doll. Teacher provided (it’s in student’s binder)

Instructions: The directions will be as follows:

● Divide your paper into four sections with a section in block in the center. (Similar to when we create a 4-block plan for writing.)

● In the very center of the paper, write the name of the country that your ancestor emigrated from. ● In the upper left quadrant, tell about your ancestor) interview a relative). Who are they, where they came from (specific town, city, country), when and why they immigrated, and where in the United States they immigrated to. Include a map of that country and its relative location. (​ You can include a picture of your relative if you have one.)

● In the upper right quadrant, tell about the traditions and holidays of your ancestor’s country of origin. Include words and pictures.

● In the lower left quadrant, share about special foods from your ancestor’s country. Include pictures, explanations, and/or recipes.

● In the lower right quadrant include 2 to 3 famous facts from your ancestor’s country of origin.

E​xample, famous person, art, music, sports, or places to visit, etc.


*Remember that all this information is to be done is Spanish.




Examples of Student Ancestry Projects

Evaluation: 100% Rubric


Return signed.                               Social Studies Project                     Third grade Splash


______________________         ______________________             __________________

Students Name                             Parent signature                                 Date



Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns about the project PRIOR to the turn in dates.

NO late projects will be accepted.

March 12 - 16  

Good evening Splash parents,


Hope you had a wonderful weekend. This coming Friday we will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day with different reading and math activities in our classroom. Student's can wear green and white clothes on that day. 



  • Students have homework on a daily basis. When missing homework becomes a habit, it greatly affects grades.
  • Please check your email on a regular basis. This is the best way to communicate with families and the way I get important information out to you every week.
  • We eat snack every day at 9:30. Please make sure you are sending in a snack for your child because we don’t eat lunch until 11:55.
  • Laptops should be charged nightly and brought to school every day.
  • Students should be reading 20min/night and practicing multiplication facts every night.
  • Please check your child’s  binder every night and remove any papers in the “Keep At Home” side of the binder. Papers should not be piling up inside of their binders.
                                                                    Upcoming School Events:
  • March 19th-23rd 3rd Nine Weeks Benchmarks
  • March 27th Spring Pictures
  • March 28th Sturgeon City Field Trip
  • March 30th-April 8th Spring Break
  • April 12th Report Cards Go Home
  • April 13th Military Child Recognition/ Wear Purple
  • April 16th Awards Day & Book Fair Begins
  • Global Open House 5-7pm



February 19 - 23  


We have reach our 25th. week of class, It is amazing how much our kids have grown. I am very proud of each and every one of my little ones, together let’s continue to encourage them to work to their best capacity. There is still a lot more work to do and things to learn, I know that with hard work and dedication we will reach our goals together. 

Field trip permission slips were sent home for Sturgeon City last week Monday. Both permission slips and money are due back by Monday, March 5th. On Friday you will be receiving the Interim reports for this quarter, please sign and return by Monday, March 5th.

Gracias por su ayuda.


Sra. Pinnace



January 29 - February 02  

Dear Splash Parents,

          This upcoming week, report cards will be sent home. You can view individual assignment grades for your students on Parent Portal. Awards Day has been changed to February 8th at 8:30 a.m. You will be notified via email if your child will be receiving Principal’s Honor Roll (All A’s) or Honor Roll (A’s and B’s) If you would like to purchase a yearbook, all orders are due THIS FRIDAY February 2nd. You can order online or send in a check made out to Strawbridge. If you order online, please let me know so I can keep track of who is receiving yearbooks when the order comes in. Thank you for your continued support!


Muchas gracias,

Sra. Pinnace


  •  Upcoming School Events:
  • January 29th Souper Food Drive Begins
  • February 1st. Report Cards Go Home
  • February 5th PTO Love Grams
  • February 8th Awards Day - MPR 8:30 a.m
  • February 9th Daddy/Daughter Dance
  • February 14th Classroom Valentine’s Celebration (more details to come)
  • February 19th Jump Rope for Heart Begins
  • February 23rd Popcorn Friday
  • February 26th Read Across America Week Begins

December 04 - 08  

Dear parents,                                                                                                                                                                                      Please encourage students to practice their facts every night. It has become a constant occurrence with students coming to school with their laptops not charged. This really impairs the work we do in the classroom using technology. If student’s laptops are dead, it hinders them from completing work on some days. Please make sure laptops are being plugged in every night and are ready for use every day. Thank you for your help with this. This week, interim reports will be going home. Please check Parent Portal to see individual assignment grades and let me know if you have any questions. If you need to contact me, please email me at


Best regards,

Ms. Pinnace


· Please send jackets with students when it is cold outside. We go to recess at 11:15 every day and it can be chilly early on in the day.

· Students should be reading 20min/night and practicing multiplication facts every night.

· Snack is every day at 9:30am. Please make sure students are bringing in a daily snack. We don’t go to lunch until 11:55 and students get hungry before then and need a snack.

Upcoming School Events:

·  December 7th Interim Reports Go Home

· December 11th-15th Holiday Spirit Week

· December 13th Holiday Music Performance

· December 15th Colonial Life Presentation

· December 19th Colonial Games Presentation

· December 20th Classroom Holiday Celebration

· December 21st- January 2nd Christmas Break

October 9 - 13  

Dear Splash parents,

 Thank your for attending our Open House last week, if you did not get a chance to come please email me so we can schedule a conference this week. I hope to see you and your families on Friday for our "Fall Festival" . If you have any concerns or questions feel free to email me at

Have a wonderful week!


Best Regards, 


Ms. Pinnace

Upcoming School Events:


  • October 9: No School (Teacher Work Day)

  • October 13: Fall Festival

  • October 19: Early Release

  • October 23: Red Ribbon Week Begins

  • October 27: Popcorn Friday

  • October 31: Chili Cook Off

October 2-6  

Dear Splash parents,


          Feliz Otono! This month is full of Fall activities, so be sure to check the upcoming events below. This week is open house and I hope to see everybody there! It will be a great opportunity to see what we have been learning in our classroom and all the accomplishments your child has already achieved so far this year. This upcoming Monday, I will be sending home a permission slip for our first field trip! Please make sure to sign and return it by Friday, October 6th. Please read below to see what is coming up next week. Thank you for your continued support! If you need to contact me, please email me at


Ms. Pinnace

Upcoming School Events:


  • October 2: Fall Book Fair

  • October 5: Open House 5-7pm

  • October 9: No School (Teacher Work Day)

  • October 13: Fall Festival

  • October 19: Early Release

  • October 23: Red Ribbon Week Begins

  • October 27: Popcorn Friday

  • October 31: Chili Cook Off


Weekly Update September 25th-29th   

Happy Sunday,

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. An email has been sent to you with this week Homework log, you can also find it on the Homework section on this website.


Upcoming School Events:


· September 25: Federal Impact Cards go home

· September 27: Fall Pictures

· September 28: Interim Reports go home

· October 2: Fall Book Fair Begins

· October 5: Open House 5-7pm

· October 9: No School (Teacher Work Day)

· October 13: Fall Festival

· October 19: Early Release

 Thank you for your continued support! If you need to contact me, please email me at


SEPTEMBER 5-8, 2017  

Happy Labor Day!!!

Note the following for this week:

Math: Number Patterns and Rounding

Social Studies: World Map and Globe

ELA: Story of the Week "El Juicio de Cardigan Jones"


  • Juicio - trial
  • jurado - jury
  • Estrado - stand
  • palabra - word
  • convencido - convinced
  • senalar - point
  • murmullo - murmured

Welcome Back To School - Bienvenido a Tercer Grado  

Welcome to Third grade! This is going to be a fun filled, exciting, and challenging school year. I am looking forward to working with your child this year. Your child will be learning many new skills and topics in all areas of study. Our Orientation has been scheduled for Aug. 24 from 12-2pm and then from 5-7pm. Please bring supplies to the orientation if possible.