WEEK OF 4/3-4/7  


I would like to share a bit of what is going on in school and our classroom, just before students set off to enjoy their Spring Break!  This is a bit lengthy, as there are several announcements from the school that are included.

*If your child has not returned their permission slip with $2.00 or the slip stating that you do not give them permission to attend our presentation on April 17, PLEASE DO SO, as these were due on Monday!  If you need a copy of the form, it should be available on my Carolina Forest webpage, under forms.

*Report cards will be going home on Wednesday, April 5th.  Please sign the outside envelope and return with your child.  Students will receive “Byrd Bucks” once they are returned. 

*The Spring Book Fair is here this week and students got an opportunity to view the selection today.  If your child would like to purchase something, please send money with them and they will be allowed to make purchases, shortly after they arrive to the classroom.

*Our Global Open House will be on Thursday, April 6th, from 5pm-7pm.  Please join us and view the “My Country Projects” and “Dolls” that will be posted in the hallway!  Be sure to visit our Book Fair, as well!

*Our 3rd Quarter Awards Ceremony will be held on Friday, April 7th, in the multipurpose room at 10:30am.  Students that will be receiving awards for Principals List and Honor Roll will be notified separately.

*Friday will be the last day to turn in Reading Logs for the No Reader Left Behind, so let’s get those pages read, counted, forms signed, and turned in!  I will be forwarding an email from Mrs. Clark that should give more information regarding this. 

*Students should be encouraged to check the lost and found this week, if they are missing any items, as anything left over will be donated during the break. 

*As a reminder, parents are encouraged to sign their child’s Word Study homework nightly, but I am primarily concerned with the spelling pre-test that students may choose to do.  This may count as one of their choices and some students do these every night along with their other choice.  I have repeatedly told students that their spelling pre-test needs to be signed by the parent, grand parent, aunt, uncle, baby sitter, etc., but many are forgetting or say that their parents are forgetting to sign them.  If you do not sign their pre-test, that homework assignment WILL NOT be accepted.  I need proof that students aren’t simply copying their spelling list and saying it was a test.  Students have had the same the same procedure since Winter Break.  If there is a word that is misspelled from their Monday night homework, they will have to write that word 5 times as practice on Tuesday morning.  If there is a misspelled word from Tuesday’s homework, then 10 times on Wednesday, 15 times on Thursday, and 20 times on Friday, which is that day of our test.  I always remind them that it’s not punishment, but practice, so they can do well on their test.  I see their frustration when there are misspelled words that their parents signed off on.  Their word lists are in their agendas, as they have been all year.  Please double check the spelling, if they ask you to sign their homework.  Their Word Study homework is a completion grade, but they will have to make corrections.

Also, I have tried to encourage students to not select sentences as a word choice on a Monday night, if they don’t know the meaning yet.  Especially this week when their words must be used correctly in the sentence.  Every student owns a dictionary and are encouraged to carry it with them to and from school if they need it.

In class:

Math- Students will be identifying polygons by the number of sides they have and determining if lines or line segments are intersecting, perpendicular, or parallel.  They will also work on describing, classifying, and comparing quadrilaterals based on their sides and angles, along with drawing quadrilaterals.  Students will take a Mid-Chapter Checkpoint later this week as a classwork grade, but will not be tested until we return from break, finished Chapter 12 and had a review.

ELA- Students are continuing to finish up some of passages that needed to be completed from last week.  I’m pleased to say that many of our students have been doing well and passing the first time, but some students are not using the strategies that we have gone over in class and this is affecting their scores.  I will be sending out another email that will address a bit further and how you can assist your child.

Standard 3.RL.2- Recount stories, including fables, folktales, and myths from diverse cultures; determine the central message, lesson, or moral and explain how it is conveyed through the key details in the text, will be our focus for the next couple of school weeks.  Students will be receiving Study Island homework assignments that will look at Lessons and Morals of stories.  This is new for some of them, so don’t worry about their initial scores, but feel free to assist them in any way possible that may develop and strengthen their understanding. 

Word Study- This week’s word list will focus on Homophones, or words that sound the same, but have different meanings and usually different spellings.

1.       grown – ascent

2.       groan – assent

3.       meat – callous

4.       meet – callus

5.       grate – moan

6.       great – mown

7.       passed – allowed

8.       past – aloud

9.       band – muscle

10.   banned mussel

11.   halve – presents

12.   have – presence

Writing- Students will be continuing with Writer’s Workshop and the stages that should assist them in becoming well-structured and detailed writers.

Science- We have begun working on Earth, Moon, and Sun.  This unit should span over this week, as well as the week we return from break, with a test to follow.  Any assignments that get returned to students should be considered study materials and not be discarded.  Please encourage your child to use these as a reference.


Upcoming and Important Dates

4/4-4/7:  Book Fair

4/5:  Report Cards go home

4/6:  Global Open House Night – 5pm-7pm

4/7:  Deadline for Reading Logs/Awards Ceremony at 10:30am.

4/10-4/14:  Spring Break!




It’s Time to Break Loose and Celebrate Dr. Seuss!

We are celebrating Dr. Seuess’ Birthday and Read Across America the week of February 27 – March 2.  Show your school spirit and dress up with Dr. Seuss book themed days:

Monday – “Fox in Socks”                                   Crazy Socks Day


Tuesday – “Cat in the Hat”                               Hat Day


Wednesday – One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish,      Wear red and blue Blue Fish 


Thursday – Thing One and Thing 2                    Tacky Twin


Friday - Book Character Parade      Dress up as your favorite book character and join the parade.                  


** We will be having a book drive all week for our free book fair that will take place in May. The class that donates the most books will win a pizza party!