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WEEK OF 3/12-3/16  


·         Students were sent home with a CFIES- Field Day- T-shirt order form today. These are completely optional, but if you would like to order one, please fill out ALL of the information and return with either Cash or Check (payable to CFIES), NO LATER THAN 3/28/18.

·         Progress reports went home a couple of weeks ago and I still have students that have not returned these with signatures. Interim Reports are a means of providing parents with current student status/progress. Me sending out this information in an email, is trying to encourage parents to ask your child about them or look in their binders for them. There should not be any confusion or uncertainty of your child’s grades next month, when report cards go home.


·         As always, we appreciate any Box Tops for Kids donations.

This week in class:

Math- We have officially started FRACTIONS! The students have seemed very excited about this, as they usually are with new material. This week, we will focus on Fractions on a Number Line, Related Fractions, and Whole Numbers, Fractions of a Group, Finding Part of a Group Using Unit Fractions, and Problem Solving to Find the Whole Group Using Unit Fractions.

Reading- We are continuing to work on our Figurative and Nonfigurative language unit. Our current RTA standard- (3.RL.4/3.L.5.a: Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, distinguishing literal and non-literal language. Demonstrate understanding of word relationships in word meanings: distinguish the literal and non-literal meanings of words and phrases in context.), will focus on things like; idioms, hyperboles, similes, metaphors, personification, etc.  


Word Study- This week’s focus is on the -ed and -ing endings. Again, students are to begin their assignments in class. If I find that a student is not working diligently or is procrastinating and trying to avoid working in class, I will deduct points, as this is a classwork grade. If I see that they been working during the provided time, then they will be allowed to take this home to complete. I will begin taking the Thursday Sentence assignment as a classwork completion grade, as well as a Writing grade. These will only be completed in class and will not be allowed to go home for completion. Please remind your child to use correct: capitalization, punctuation, spelling, should have at least 7 words in each sentence, with a title, date, and lines skipped in between each sentence. These are all skills that we have discussed throughout the year, but the time has come for these to be continuously implemented. To help our handwriting, I have begun deducting points from students on their Spelling Tests for random capital letters. I have been consistently reminding them how to write their lowercase p, s, c, m, etc. If it looks like it’s a capital letter and it’s not a proper noun, I will deduct 1 point per questionable letter. Again, this is an effort to correct these mistakes, prepare them for better writing and the 4th grade. I will begin issuing handwriting sheets as practice for some students in class and possibly for homework.

Writing- We will continue with our Writer’s Workshop skills and sentence structure. Students should continuously use the criteria for writing, as mentioned in the Word Study section. We are continuing to focus on the Grammar portion of our writing and how to incorporate it correctly.

Science- We will begin looking at the Muscular and Skeletal systems.

Social Studies- We are continuing to focus on our Constitutional/Branches of Government Unit. There has been and will continue to be a heavy focus on passages, which will count as both Social Studies and Reading grades. The information covered in these passages are good study guides for what will be on our upcoming test (TBA).


Important Dates and Reminders:

·         March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

·         March 27: Spring Pictures/Groups

·         March 28: Sturgeon City Field Trip

·         March 29: End of Grading Period

·         March 30: Good Friday Holiday

·         March 30-April 6: Easter Holiday/Spring Break!