We have finally made it to our last week of school!  Most of our testing is complete and we are finishing up some unfinished business in class this week.  We do not know any official results from the test scores at this time, but this information will probably accompany their report cards on Friday.


  • On Wednesday, 3rd grade will have their Field Day events, beginning at 12:00pm.  Please make sure that students wear tennis shoes, bring a towel, and a water bottle.  Snacks will be sold as well, so you may want to send money if your child would like to purchase something while participating. 


  • On Thursday, our End of Year Award Ceremony is scheduled for 10:30am. At this award ceremony, many different awards will be handed out, such as perfect attendance for the year, Honor Roll/Principals List for the year, Enrichment Awards for the year, Citizenship, etc. I do not know everyone that may be honored at this award ceremony. If I know, I will send you a separate email, however I would encourage you to attend if you think your child may receive something. This is the final award ceremony. Certificates for the 4th nine week Honor Roll and Principal's List and enrichments will be sent home on the last day of school (or earlier depending on when we receive them).


  • Also on Thursday, we will be celebrating our year in third grade.  I will be providing hot dogs, chips, juice pouches, a fruit/veggie tray, and a sweet treat.  If you would like to have your child eat a lunch from the cafeteria, instead of having this, please let me know.  If you would rather pack their lunch on this day, please let me know also.  WE WILL NOT BE EATING IN THE CAFETERIA ON JUNE 8TH. 


  • On Friday, students will be permitted to bring electronics.  This includes, tablets, phones, mp3 players, etc...  WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OR MISPLACED ITEMS, SO SEND THESE ITEMS AT THEIR OWN RISK.  Also, if your item requires wifi, then you may not wish to send them.


  • We will also be having an auction on the last day for students to spend some of their hard earned money from this year.  IF YOU HAVE A CHILD THAT HAS ANY BOOKS OR TOYS (THAT ARE IN GOOD CONDITION), AND WOULD LIKE TO DONATE FOR OUR AUCTION, FEEL FREE TO SEND THESE ITEMS THROUGHOUT THE WEEK.  These are not expected, but appreciated. 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I'm sure I will continue to send out more reminders and updates throughout the week.