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Week of January 17th  

This week will be a short but busy one! Tomorrow we will begin Math Chapter 8 Customary Length Measurement Unit. If your student brought in a ruler it will be sent back home with them tomorrow. Please, have them keep it at home to help with their homework the next two weeks. We have rulers available for them to use in the classroom.
Go Math Trainer will be available online for review of Chapter 8.

Our Middle of the Year Reading Assessments are still taking place. As your child's reading level is determined, I will do my best let you know where they stand as soon as possible. Level K is where second graders are expected to be at the middle of the year.

This week we will also begin our Science Unit on States of Matter. On Tuesday, I am sending home a reading comprehension passage with a set of questions that compares solids and liquids. The ten comprehension questions are similar to the written comprehension questions on their reading assessments. This is due on Friday. Students should use RARE form to answer questions #8-10 (Restate the question, Answer the question, Reasons, and use text Evidence) and answer in complete sentences.

I have attached the PDF of the passage in Class Dojo in case it gets "lost." I will be sending home a copy on Tuesday it is DUE FRIDAY.

Tuesday Night's Homework:
*Begin Solids and Liquids comprehension questions due Friday
*Math Lessons 8.1 and 8.2 will be done for homework if not completed in class (Tiles aren't necessary to complete-one tile is an inch long)
*Spelling-Write spelling words in complete sentences-underline spelling word.
*Reading Log-Read at least 20 minutes

Week of January 9th  

Brrrr!   It's chilly outside!   Please, make sure your students bring in their jackets, hats, and mittens.   We will go outside for recess and PE if it is somewhat above freezing.  

Please, connect with Class Dojo if you haven't already.   The students are enjoying earning points for rewards and it's a great way to share pictures of your student's day.


Our spelling list words are ow and ou.   We have two lists based on spelling pretest.   Please, make sure your student practices spelling their words before Friday's spelling test and complete their homework.

Spelling List #1:
















Spelling List #2 





















Happy New Year and Welcome Back!  

Welcome Back and Happy 2017!   Hope you had a great winter break.   I’m excited to announce that our class will begin using Class Dojo starting January 2nd.   I’m hoping to have 100% parental involvement.   I have sent home an invitation to join with an access code.   Parents will have immediate access to their student’s behaviors in the classroom.   I will also use the website to post reminders and show what we are working on.   You can also find weekly spelling lists and important reminders on Class Dojo as well as the CFIES site.

On Monday January 2nd, our class will generate a list of behaviors/skills that will earn and deduct points in our classroom.   Students will work together as a class and individually to earn points for various incentives. 

In January we will begin taking the MOY (Middle of the Year) tests for reading levels.   For more information about the testing process visit Mrs. Barnes’ CFIE website under announcements.   Students will have a new reading log that will focus on skills we will be discussing in class that encourage comprehension skills.   Reading nightly is important and I would like students to use their comprehension skills to complete one question of the reading log as their homework.   We will be focusing on the author’s purpose “PIE” (Persuade, Inform, or Entertain).   Make sure students use RARE form to answer questions (Restate the question, Answer the question, Reasons to support answer, and give Evidence or an example).

Parent volunteers who would like to come in and read with individual students are welcome!   I have leveled books/questions and I will give you a quick crash course in RARE form for answering questions. Our reading block is from 12:30-2:00 pm.   Please, contact me if you can help out.

*Nightly homework will always include Reading Log Questions, Spelling Homework (Choice of Activity), and Math Sheet if it is in Homework folder.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.   I will be awarding lots of Dojo points in the next few days to get students excited to be back in school and ready to learn and back on track if needed! or text me via Class Dojo

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Week of December 12th  
 Reminders for Week of December 12, 2016
On Thursday, December 15 th, we will have
Polar Express Day and our Christmas Party!
Student can wear their PJs and bring a book to exchange.
Students can bringslippers to wear in classroom but please wear regular shoes into school.Wewill watch the movie on Thursday, create crafts, and enjoy hot cocoa and snacks.
For book exchange-The target cost should be $3.00-5.00. Students should wrap and write who their gift is from and bring their book in by Tuesday, Dec. 13th.
so we can place it under our Christmas tree.We will do a funexchange activity.
This week will be busy-filled with fun activities, Spelling Test, andChapter 5
Math Test. What students do not get done in class they will have to complete for homework. Please,remind students to bring their math books to class and home and to complete Chapter 5 Review before Wednesday.Please, review with your student. The test will be identical to the review.
The Chapter 5 Test will be Thursday morning.Thanks!
Christmas Spelling Word List
snowman, wreath, reindeer, Christmas, Santa, holly,
angel, carols, snowflakes, winter, elf, sleigh, merry,
lights, candle, st
ar, tree, gift, presents, mistletoe
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This Week Musical/Holidays Around the World  

Image result for holidays around the worldBusy week in Second Grade!

This week students will be performing their musical for the kindergarteners on Monday and for their families on Tuesday, December 6th at 9:00 am in the Multipurpose Room.

Please, make sure that your students wear black and/or white on Tuesday.   


On Monday, December 5th and Wednesday, December 7th  students will be learning about holidays and celebrations throughout the world.   They will rotate to other second grade classrooms to learn about holiday traditions around the world.   They will have a passport that will be stamped by each "country" they learn about.   They will make a craft from each country to share at home by the end of Wednesday.   Please, ask your child what "country" they have visited, what they have learned, and what fun activities they participated in this week. 

Understanding Reading Assessments for Second Graders  

I want to take the time to explain the M Class reading assessment your kids take in the beginning of the year (BOY), middle of year (MOY), and end of year (EOY). Before diving into that, parents need to know that there are 5 Big Ideas of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. These assessments give teachers data on each of these ideas.

Students take 2 assessments: DIBELS and the TRC. 

The DIBELS assessment asks students to read 3 separate passages; each a minute long. After each passage, a student is then asked to tell the teacher all about the story without looking back in the text. We are looking for sequencing and details. From this assessment, teachers receive data on the students accuracy, reading rate, and retell abilities. 

The TRC (text reading comprehension) assessment does just that; it assesses the students reading comprehension. This assessment allows teachers to see if students have the ability to accurately and fluently read connected text in order to comprehend oral questions and answer written response questions. Students are given a leveled text based on their last Progress Monitoring level. Now, the next steps that I will be talking about are the steps of the assessment but also what I AM teaching your kids. During the assessment, the teacher assessing your child WILL NOT be able to prompt them to do the "extra things", students must do these on their OWN

Step 1: Students are to take a picture walk. This is not simply looking at the pictures. Instead, students should be making "I wonder" statements, trying to piece together what the text will be telling them without reading the actual words. For non-fiction (which is what your child will be assessed during MOY {second week of January!!} )During the picture walk, students should read ALL of the non-fiction text features!!! Like, table of contents, the captions, headings, glossary, index, maps, charts, tables, etc. If you are not familiar with these, please google "Non fiction text features", and there will be a plethora of information. :) 

Step 2 (Read the book): After the student is done with the picture walk, the teacher will ask the child to read aloud. The student may read the whole text to the teacher or only part of it. While the student is reading, the teacher is doing a running record, which basically is short-hand notes on the child's reading...words they missed, repeats, omissions, etc. If the student was not successful in reading that level, the teacher will ask them to read a lower level. If the student could successfully read the book, the teacher will tell the student that they will be asking him/her questions. This is where I am teaching my students to say to the teacher: "I would like to read the book again." If students do not ask this, then the teacher will proceed to the next step. My students in the past who have asked to re-read the text before being asked questions, made great progress in their comprehension. 

Step 3 (Oral Questions): Students will be asked 4 oral comprehension questions in which they should USE THE BOOK to find the answers! I tell the kids that even if they are 100% sure of the answer, open the book and double, triple check! If they pass the oral questions (3/4), they move onto the next step: written comprehension. If they don't, the teacher will assess them on a lower level text.

Step 4 (Written Comprehension): Students will be given 2 written comprehension questions. Again, they should use the book to complete these answers. My students have been using an acronym: R.A.R.E. to complete these written questions. R-Restate the questions; A- Answer all parts of the question; R-Revisit the text; E-Evidence and examples from the text. Using evidence from the text looks something like this: "I know this because on page ___, the book says _____" 
When the child is done with a question, they are to grade it based on the rubric we made in class: 
0- did not answer the question
1- answered part of the question or did not provide evidence
2- answered all of the question and provided some evidence
3- answered all parts of the question and used many details from the text to prove answer. 
All of my students have used this rubric in guided reading groups. 

Students must pass both questions with a 2 or a 3 in order to go up a level. If they receive a 1 on one question and a 2 on the other, they will be bumped down a level. 

Whew! That is a lot of information! However, I hope that the assessment makes a bit more sense now.

Upcoming Holiday Events  

November 21, 2016                           

Dear Families,

The Holidays are fast approaching and we have many activities planned for students to learn about the traditions of people around the world. It is a busy and exciting time for everyone. I hope you and your family have a safe and enjoyable holiday season this year.

Please note below some of our events coming up.

In the spirit of Christmas students will be making ornaments for our International Holiday Fair which is Dec. 1st at CFIE, 5-7 pm. We are asking for your help as we plan for this event and submit a Class Silent Auction Basket to support our class. Our basket will be “A Cozy Night In.”   Items like gourmet hot chocolate, mugs, marshmallows, movies, games, books, fuzzy socks, or any other “cozy” items.   If you can help by sending in items for our basket we would greatly appreciate it. If you would like to contribute monetarily to our basket, it would be helpful as well.

We are also having Christmas Around the World event on Dec. 5th and 7th at school. We will learn about Christmas traditions in various countries around the world and make a craft from each country. Classes will rotate to each 2nd grade teacher and learn about a different country and culture.

Our school’s Christmas program Rainbow Animals will be on Tuesday, December 6th at 9:00 am.   On 12/6 our class will need to wear white/ or black and white to represent black and white animals like: penguin, skunk, dog, cat, cow, panther, crow, polar bear, panda bear, zebra etc.    

On Thursday, December 15, we will have

Polar Express Day and our Christmas Party!

Student can wear their PJs and bring a book to exchange. The target cost should be $3.00-5.00. Students should write who their gift is from and bring their book in by Dec. 12th so we can place it under our Christmas tree.  

Thank you!

Mrs. Barnes            

Behavior Chart/Fluency Homework  

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!   We have started a Weekly Behavior Chart for your students.   I will be using the clip up clip down system.   Your students start the day at the top of the chart (This month it is Top Turkey).   Happily some remained there for the day.   They have multiple opportunities to redeem themselves during the day.   I will still make note of their behaviors that caused them to clip down even if they end on the top color (pink/purple).

Please, ask to see their behavior chart every night.   This will become part of their homework ritual.   I have attached a copy of what the chart looks like.   Everyday I will place a sticker/marker or some sort of color beside the day.   Purple behavior all week will recieve a prize on Friday.
Fluency homework will be new this week.   Please, time your student for one minute Monday-Thursday and record your students words per minute (the number of words in the line is at the end of the line).   They have one question to answer each night about their passage.   Please, help your student become better readers and make sure they complete the comprehension part.
Students are also responsible for writing down their homework each morning.   They have an agenda in addition to the insert in their folder.   There are no homework surprises-they know what to expect.   They have a mailbox and it is their responsibility to put all of their materials in their homework folder.   I am trying to make them more independent and ready for third grade.
Have a great week....remember your student starts at the top of the chart everyday.   I expect the best from them and to end each day at the top!   

Happy Halloween!  

Happy Halloween!   There will be no homework on Monday, October 31st.   The Math Packet in your student's folder is due on Friday.   There is no spelling tonight.   We will begin working in class with your student's spelling list.   

*New Homework*Non-Fiction Reading Book being sent home this week  

Reading Homework this week October 24th

Your student has been assigned a non-fiction book to read this week.   They are responsible for taking care of this book.   They are going to bring it home nightly and read it.   There is a card in their zip-lock baggie for them to collect five “autographs” of people they read their book too.   If no one is available they can read to their stuffed animal and write its name down.   I want them to read this book at least five times and become an expert on it.   This will increase their fluency and vocabulary.  Please, encourage your child to point out any non-fiction text features they see in their book (Table of Contents, glossary, headings, index, labels, photographs etc.).   The following weeks we will be doing comprehension activities with this book.

Thanks for helping your student become a better reader!

Week of October 24th Announcements-Red Ribbon Week  

It is gearing up to be a busy Autumn week in the Forest.  We kick off Red Ribbon Week for students. Let’s show our school spirit and model our support for being Drug Free.  

Mon-Wear Red Day/Pledge Day to be drug free

Tues-Rock it SOCK it to Drugs Day/Wear your craziest socks

Wed-Team Up Against Drugs Day/Wear your favorite sports team memorabilia

Thurs-I’m Too Bright for Drugs Day/Wear neon colors & sunglasses

Fri-Follow your Dreams Day/Dress in PJs.


Friday, October 28th is also National Make a Difference Day for all as we work together to stock our pantry in support of our Backpack Buddy Program.  Remember to encourage your students to bring in pantry items Friday. The class who donates the most will win an ice cream party, plus Eagles Feathers and the student who donates the most will win a special lunch and prize……


Monday, Oct. 24th is the Rachel’s Challenge assembly.  

 9:30-10:10   2nd &3rd grades 


Back Pack Buddies  

Backpack Buddies is a school based program that provides children from food-insecure homes with healthy weekend meals during the school year.  Carolina International Elementary School students began this program 5 years ago and it has been fully self-sustaining since that time.  At any given time, we have 10-20 families that we serve on a weekly basis.   In order to continue the success of this program, our Student Council raises money through school dances, as well as organizes 2 food drives per year. 

Next week is Red Ribbon Week; a week that we will be celebrating a healthy lifestyle and healthy choices.  The week ends with National Make a Difference Day!  We are encouraging students to bring in food items to stock the pantry for our Backpack program!  Imagine how much we could provide to families if everyone brought in one item????  J


Items needed:

Cereal                              Pop tarts                Individual meals (Dinty Moore stew etc..)

Oatmeal                           Granola Bars           Juice boxes, milk boxes

Peanut Butter                            Jelly                      Individual fruit cups

Pasta                               Spaghetti Sauce     

Macaroni and Cheese                  Spaghetti-O’s



*****The class that raises the most food items will earn an ice cream party and 10 eagle feathers!!!!   In addition, the student that brings in the most items will win a special lunch and a prize!*****


Thank you in advance for your support! 


Jennifer Askins

School Counselor

Important Information and Happenings for the Year  

Important Information & Happening

October 18: Make Up Global Citizenship Trait Celebration (September: Inquirers) 2:00pm in the cafeteria

October 19: Unity Day-Wear Orange (Anti-Bullying)

October 20: ERPD (half day for students)

October 24: Red Ribbon Week/Fall Food Drive

October 24: Rachel’s Challenge

October 28: Annual Halloween Safety Assembly

November 4: Military Appreciation Day

November 9: Awards Day

November 10: ERPD (half day for students)

November 30-December 6: Buy One Get One Free Book Fair

December 1: International Holiday Fair 5-7pm

January 2: CFIE Leaves No Reader Behind Kick-Off

January 29-February 3: Soup Drive

February 1-10: PTO Candy Grams

February 3: Awards Day

February 15: Black History Paper Dolls

February 16: ERPD (half day for students)

February 20-28: Jump Rope for Heart

February 27-March 3: Read Across America Week

March 3: Book Character Parade/Spring Into Open Book Day 8:30-10:30am

March 23: ERPD (hAlf day for students)

April 3-7: Spring Book Fair

April 6: Global Open House 5-7pm

April 7: Awards Day

Reminders and Peek into the Week  

October 11, 2016

I hope everyone stayed safe during the hurricane.   Just a few reminders and a peek into our week.

Friendly reminder that students are not to wear flip flops to school.   It is against the school’s dress code.   Sandals are appropriate if they have a back strap.   It is a safety concern-students will be asked to phone their parents for the appropriate foot wear. 

*Reminder*   Conferences are required within the first nine-weeks of school.   Please, make every effort to come meet with me to discuss your child’s progress.   I will be sending home conference requests with days and times.   Please, send in the bottom portion to let me know either way what works for you.   You can also email me if you are unable to make it during that time.   I am at school at 7:00 am until 5:30 pm most days.   I can meet with you before and after school this month.   This meeting should only take approximately 15 minutes.   I can meet 7:00 am, 7:15 am, 7:30 am in the morning and in the afternoon 3:30 pm, 3:45 pm, 4;00 pm, 4:15 pm, 4:30 pm, 4:45 pm, 5:00 pm, and 5:15 pm.   Some conferences have been set up already but due to Hurricane Matthew our school special calendar has changed so I may have to reschedule if you were scheduled during the school day.

This week is going to be a busy one!   We are going to start our Guided Reading Groups focusing on Non-Fiction Text Features.   We are also studying weather.   At the end of this week, we will have a meteorologist visit our classroom.   Our country of focus has been Japan-we will also have a Japanese visitor taking students’ questions.

Please, do not hesitate to ask any questions or concerns about your student.

Thank you-Mrs. Barnes

  • Fall Picture Day-Wednesday, September 21st
  • Thursday, September 22nd- Early Release (12:00 Dismissal)
          (Make sure you have made arrangements for transportation)
  • Interim Reports-Sept. 29th
  • Fall Book Fair-Oct. 3rd-7th
  • Open House-Thursday October 16th at 5:00 pm
  • Fall Festival Oct. 14th
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