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Weekly Flipagram!  

Throughout the week teachers take pictures of their students working and Mrs. Puzino puts together a flip-a-gram to show parents what has been going on. It is a great way to take a glimpse into the school's daily life. Follow the link below to view the flip-a-gram. 

School Dress Code Reminder  

DRESS CODE (students)


The dress and appearance of students has a significant effect upon conduct and behavior while at school. It is expected that students will be dressed and groomed appropriately for the age group of the individual. Carolina Forest International Elementary School, in accordance to OCS Board Policy has adopted the following dress code guidelines:

* No hats inside of building.

* Appropriate shoes should be worn for safety reasons keeping in mind students have daily recess and physical activity. Flip flops are not safe footwear and should not be worn. Shoes should have a heel strap.

* No brief or revealing attire. Shorts, skirts, and skorts must be appropriate length (generally fingertip length). Baggy pants/shorts are not permitted. A jacket or shirt should be worn over/under tank tops and spaghetti strap shirts/dresses.

* Clothing that encourages the use of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs, or contains the use of profanity is not permitted.

Free Tutoring for Military Students  

In a recent meeting with our military liaisons, we learned that military students have access to free online tutoring through  The students can access the tutoring 24/7 – even during the school day. connects the student with a live tutor who can help with a homework problem or teach the concept from the beginning.  Students can also upload essays and get feedback.  This is a nice resource to have and many of our military families could benefit. 

For more information, click the links below.
For flyers, click the following link and scroll to the bottom.


I must receive a written note or email about any transportation changes for your student. Students must go home the way the parents originally indicated during orientation if I do not have parent authorization. If there is a change or you know a schedule of your student's transportation, please inform me so I can ensure your child is where they need to be at dismissal each day.

Thank you!