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Sherry Scott Staff Photo


March 12-16, 2018  

Welcome to another wonderful week in the Forest!

A Homework letter is in our child's folder. Remember homework is just as important as daily classwork. It helps to reinforce what they have learned in class. Our homework this week is Reading, Math and Spelling. Remember to sign your child's Behavior Log nightly. This is the only way that I know that you are aware of you child's behavior. 

Please make sure you send in a written note, with your child's first and last name, telling the reason you child has been absent. I appreciate the emails notifying me of their absence, but the office needs a written note for their records.

Also please send in a note about any changes in transportation. If I am absent from school the sub will need to know this information.

Thank you for all that you do to help me with your child's education.