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CFIES Arrival & Dismissal Procedures  

Carolina Forest International Elementary School

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

 Carolina Forest International Elementary School strives for the safety of our students. To help ensure their safety, we have implemented morning arrival and afternoon dismissal procedures for car riders, walkers and bus riders. Students are permitted to enter the building at 7:40am and dismissal occurs at 3:00pm.

 Bus Riders

Ø  Only buses and daycare vans are permitted in the front circle between 7:00am-8:00am and 2:00pm-3:00pm.

Ø  Parents are reminded that riding the school bus is a privilege and all school and bus rules must be followed while on the bus as well as at the bus stops.

Ø  Students must be at their designated bus stops 10 minutes prior to official pick up times. Buses are not allowed to wait for students who are not at the bus stops.

 Car Riders

Ø  Car riders are required to use the entrance closest towards Ramsey Road and follow the traffic flow accordingly.

Ø  Vehicles may only be parked in the designated parking areas, not in the car rider line.

Ø  Car rider tags are required and must be visible to employees for afternoon dismissal.

Ø  If you are walking up to the left side door of the multipurpose room (MPR) to retrieve your child, you must present your tag to an employee before they will release the student in your custody.

Ø  If you forget or lose your tag, you must report to the office and show your ID to receive another tag before the student will be released in your custody.                      


Ø  Parents are reminded that the doors will not open for students until 7:40am. Students will be marked tardy after the tardy bell rings at 8:00am. Please ensure students do not arrive prior to 7:40am but before 8:00am.

Ø  Parents who wish to escort their child to class may do so, provided they sign in at the office and it is before 8:00am. They are not permitted to walk students to class after the tardy bell rings.

Ø  All walkers are dismissed at the front of the school. Please wait for your child to exit through the doors. You may not take a child from the teacher's line once they have exited the side of the building by the MPR.


Changes from regular dismissal procedures

Ø  All changes in dismissal procedures must be made in writing and given to your child’s teacher. The office staff are not permitted to take changes made over the phone.

 **Pets are prohibited from being on campus during school hours.