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Weekly Report - April 24-28, 2017  



Date: April 23, 2017




Weekly Report


Dear Parents,


I hope you enjoyed your weekend. EOG’s are fast approaching and we have lots of work that still needs to be done. Please continue to encourage your child to work hard and put forth their best effort. It’s very important that your child be present at school unless they are sick. These next few weeks will be full of review in preparation for the upcoming tests.




Our classroom is in need of glue sticks and candy for our candy jar. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. Below are some important things to remember about this week.  Thank you and have a wonderful week!






                                                     Here is what we are working on this week:




Math: We will continue our unit on fractions. Students will be comparing and ordering fractions; using models to find equivalent fractions; and finding different ways to name the same part of a whole. Students will also complete the EOY Benchmark Assessment in Study Island. Just a reminder that I cannot give full credit for homework if there is no work shown. It is hard to understand where a student is struggling if there is no work on their paper.


Reading: This week students are completing the EOY Benchmark Assessment in Study Island. We will also be reading and discussing our chapters in There’s an Owl in the Shower. We are almost finished with our reading portfolio passages – ONLY 2 LEFT!! Just a reminder that students must successfully master all 12 standards (36 passages total) in order to be considered proficient in reading for the next school year.




Science: We are continuing with our unit on flowers. This week students will dissect flowers and learn how plants grow and reproduce.




Word Study: There will be no more spelling words this year. We will concentrate on word study skills and review topics learned this year. We will spend an additional week working on dictionary skills.


Writing:   Students will select an animal from their immigration project that we completed before spring break. They will research and write about their animal from that animal’s point of view. This will be done over the next few weeks.


Below are some important upcoming events as well as reminders. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. My email address is:


The link to the school website and my homepage is: HOMEWORK IS POSTED ON SUNDAY EVENING FOR THE FOLLOWING WEEK.


Important Upcoming Classroom/School Events –


·         Friday, April 28thReader celebration.


·         Friday, May 5th Field Day


·         Monday, May 8th - Interim Reports Go Home


·         Friday, April 19thSpring Fling from 5-7pm


·         Wednesday, May 31stReading EOG


·         Thursday, June 1stMath EOG




August Announcement  

Students running into schoolhouse

Welcome to third grade! This is going to be a fun filled, exciting, and challenging school year. I am looking forward to working with your child this year. Your child will be learning many new skills and topics in all areas of study. If you are interested in our powerpoint that was shared during our "Step-Up Night" please look under the Presentations Tab. Our Orientation has been scheduled for Aug. 25 from 12-2pm and then from 5-7pm. Please bring supplies to the orientation if possible.