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April 24th   

Dear Parents,

                The end of the year is fast approaching! The EOG’s will be given towards the end of May. Students need to be focused each day and continuing to work hard each day. Attendance is a major concern! When your child is tardy or absent they miss out on that day’s instruction. Instructional time cannot be made up! Students also miss out on hands on activities, experiments, group work, discussions, etc. which can cause your child to not understand what we are learning about. I completely understand that appointments and emergencies happen, however I do ask that you are mindful of their attendance. When your child is absent make sure to send a note for the office.

As always, please feel free to contact with me any questions. Below are several ways you can stay informed of your child’s progress and what is expected this school year. Have a wonderful week. J

  • PLEASE send in Box Tops. The more the better!
  •  Sign up for parent portal. This allows you to view your child’s grades and assignments 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Simply log on to the Carolina Forest webpage, scroll down to Parent Portal, print the form, and return it with a copy of your ID. Once the school receives this, a username and password will be issued to you. I will be happy to turn in the form to Ms. Mathis once I receive it.  
  • Check your child’s agenda nightly and initial the page. This is your way of knowing what they are supposed to do for homework.
  • Late homework will NOT be accepted unless your child was sick. Homework counts as 10% of your child’s grade.
  • Hand held pencil sharpeners are NOT allowed due to the mess that they make for the janitors.
  • Our classroom needs tissues and Clorox wipes
  • LOST AND FOUND- Please note that on the last day of every month we'll be sending all lost and found items to the Goodwill. The lost and found will now be located in the PTO office on the 600 hallway.

Here is what we are working on this week:

 Math: We are starting our final unit in math, Fractions. I LOVE FRACTIONS! J We will be doing lots of hands on activities to enhance the lessons, skills, and concepts that your child will be learning. This week our focus will be understanding what a fraction represents, what the parts of a fraction means, and how a fraction can be used to tell how many are in a group/set. I would highly recommend that if you notice your child needs some additional practice in ANY of the concepts we have worked on this year, that they use the Study Island program. This is a wonderful tool for review and practice. As always, please make sure that your child is showing all their work for all problems. This is a necessity to receive full credit for homework.  

 Reading: This week students are working on understanding the characteristics of poems.   During this time we will be focusing on reading fluency, oral and written comprehension, figurative language, etc. We will also be working on portfolio standard RI.2 (main idea).

The Read to Achieve Law requires that 3rd grade students demonstrate reading proficiency prior to be promoted to 4th grade.  Students may demonstrate 3rd grade reading proficiency in several ways:

1.       Passing the NC READY EOG in Reading (To be administered May, 2017)

2.       Completing a 3rd Grade Reading Portfolio (This consists of a series of reading passages and questions that your child is currently working on at school)

3.       Achieving a reading level of “P” or higher on their TRC reading assessment

4.       Passing the NC BOG Reading Test

5.       Passing an alternate RTA assessment in Reading after the EOG

6.       Passing an NC READY EOG Retest in Reading


Letters have previously been sent home if your child has not mastered standards for their Reading Portfolio so far. I have also sent home the related Study Island practice that your child can do to help them. They will then be given the opportunity to complete another passage in hopes of improving their overall score.

 Social Studies/Science: Students are learning the names of the bones in our body. They have a quiz on their notes from the “Marvelous Machine” on Tuesday. In addition, students should be studying the names of the bones nightly. I have loaded a blank skeleton on our website for practice too.  

Word Study – Students will no longer have weekly spelling words. We will be using this time to focus on vocabulary. Students may be expected to study vocabulary words for assessments, however at this time they will not. I will let you know when this changes. This week our focus is on understanding what guide words are, how to use them, and what words we can expect to find on that page.  

Writing – Our writing this week will be integrated with our other content areas. Students will be working on writing various poems in the next week or so.

Thank you for your support.  My email address is:   The link to the school website and my homepage is:   

Important Upcoming Classroom/School Events –

·                 May 5th- Field Day (our events will be in the afternoon)

·                 May 8th- Progress Reports Go Home

·                 May 11th- Step Up Night (This is your opportunity to visit the 4th grade team and see what your child will be doing next year)

·                 May 19th- Spring Fling

·                 May 29th- Holiday, NO SCHOOL

·                 May 31st-June 1- EOG Testing (Your child needs to be at school on time these days)

CFIES Dress Code  

DRESS CODE (students)


The dress and appearance of students has a significant effect upon conduct and behavior while at school. It is expected that students will be dressed and groomed appropriately for the age group of the individual. Carolina Forest International Elementary School, in accordance to OCS Board Policy has adopted the following dress code guidelines:

* No hats inside of building.

* Appropriate shoes should be worn for safety reasons keeping in mind students have daily recess and physical activity. Flip flops are not safe footwear and should not be worn. Shoes should have a heel strap.

* No brief or revealing attire. Shorts, skirts, and skorts must be appropriate length (generally fingertip length). Baggy pants/shorts are not permitted. A jacket or shirt should be worn over/under tank tops and spaghetti strap shirts/dresses.

* Clothing that encourages the use of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs, or contains the use of profanity is not permitted.



Stepping Up to Third Grade 16-17  

SchoolhouseHi and Welcome to our rising third graders and families!

The powerpoint that was shared during Step Up Night can be found under the presentations section. We are looking forward to a great school year together!