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Important Annoucements

What's Cookin' in Kindergarten this month?  

Our country focus this month is Spain!  We've learned about the royal family, bull fighting and more!

We connected with the world this month by comparing our school lunches to school lunches in other countries!

Global Citizens are Inquirers!  

This month's global trait is Inguery!

Classroom Wish List! Donations make us SMILE!  

These are some things needed in our classroom if you have extras at home or are willing to purchase for us!

Thanks so much in advance!

Germ X

Mini Hot Glue Sticks

Gently Used/New Headphones (please no earbuds)

1 subject RED notebooks wide ruled (need set of 26)

Clear Sheet protectors

35-45 Gallon rubbermaid Tubs in bright colors (for students to read inside of)

Gallon Ziplock Bags

Foam Adhesive Alphabet Stickers

Clear heavy duty sheet protectors

Blue Sticky Tac

Washable Ink Pads (all colors)

Walgreens Photo Giftcard  (for our scrapbook pictures)

Bright colored Ink Jet Computer Paper 

Bright colored Card Stock Paper

Printable Adhesive Labels (all sizes) 

Alphabet/Number stamps 

Adhesive Magnetic Tape 

Adhesive Velcro Dots 

Class Message from Ian Somerhalder  

Download video: MP4 format