Supply List 


 Supply List  (Please bring supplies to orientation.)


5th Grade Supply List Please make every effort to have ALL supplies on the first day of school so that students can organize their binders etc.

Boxes of 24 Count Yellow #2 pencils                   


Box 24 Count Crayons

   1    Box of Colored Pencils  
   1    Cloth Pencil Bag with 3 Prong Holes  
   4    Highlighter Pens  
   2    LARGE Glue Sticks  
   4    Packs of WIDE RULED Notebook Paper  
   1    2G Flash Drive  
   1    Box of Tissues  
  One Subject Spiral Notebooks with 3 prong holes (2 red, 2 yellow,2 blue, 2 green)  

Mead Wide-Ruled Composition Books


Plastic 2 Pocket Folders with 3 holes NO PRONGS (red, yellow, blue, green)


     Package of Dry Erase Markers (Black, Blue,or Red)  



Packages of Pencil Top Erasers

Pair of ear buds for laptop



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