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ABC`s of First Grade 


ABC’s of First Grade:


Parent/ Guardian Information


 Dear Parent(s):


     Welcome to our First Grade classroom! I am very excited about this school year and the opportunity to be a part of your child’s education. Listed below are several policies, procedures and routines.


Much of this information can be found in the student handbook located on CFIE’s website  and/or the Onslow County Schools website . Please refer to these for further clarification.


 If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school at 346-1778 or email me at  




Absences: It is EXTREMELY important for your student to be at school. Limit all absences/ tardies/early checkouts to emergencies only. Please send a signed, dated, written note explaining your child’s absence on the day he/she returns to school. I will send it to the office. Include your child’s FULL name on the note. Students with excessive absences/ tardies/ early checkouts may be subject to retention.

App: Onslow County Schools has a free app.  Downloading it will give you access to notifications, calendars, lunch payments and menus, activity stream, and bus status.

Art: We have art as one of our specials.



Back Packs: Please check your child’s back pack daily. They should be labeled with your child’s name. Please keep back packs clean and free of distractions (ex. toys, candy, etc.). Our cubby space is limited, so no rolling backpacks or oversized backpacks.

Birthdays: Students love to celebrate their birthdays! We serve treats at lunchtime. If you wish to drop something off (donuts and mini cupcakes are well loved!), bring items in by 10:00am so the office has time to get them to the classroom. If you want to eat with your child, meet us in front of the cafeteria by 11:05. Items must be store bought. 

Book Clubs: Orders for Scholastic Book Clubs may be sent home occasionally. Order forms and payment are due about a couple of weeks after they are sent home. You must order online or with a check payable to Scholastic Book Club. Ordering online gives our class a FREE book with every purchase!

Box Tops for Education: Please save your box tops and send them in a Ziploc bag.  Our school redeems them for educational materials. Our wonderful PTO keeps a classroom count!     

Breakfast: If your child is eating breakfast at school they must arrive in the cafeteria between 7:40 and 8:00am. Only students that arrive on a late bus will be allowed to go to breakfast after 8:00am. Breakfast costs $1.25.

Bullying: We do not like bullies in our classroom! Please note that every effort is made to keep our classroom a safe, positive environment. However, at this age, many students belive they are bullied if another student will not play with them at recess, or bumps into them while picking up the same crayon. They say they are "spit on" if at lunch a neighbor talked while eating and "sprayed" food on them.  Rest assured student safety is a priority and individual problems verses re-occurring situations are closely monitored.



 Changes: Please notify me of any changes throughout the school year pertaining to address, e-mail, phone number, after school transportation, etc.   

Communication is very important. Feel free to contact me if you have a question or concern. I will keep you updated through your child's weekly homework page and my website.

Computer Lab:  We have computer lab as one of our specials.

Conferences: We will have a required conference before the first report card goes home in November. You may contact the office or email me to schedule other conferences as necessary throughout the school year.

Curriculum:  We follow “The North Carolina First Grade Curriculum” which can be viewed on the internet at



Dismissal: Dismissal will begin at 3:00pm. We are a neighborhood school, so the majority of CFIE students walk to and from school. After school, these students are released through the front doors of the school. Some students are car riders; these students are required to have a car rider tag and the car/person with the corresponding tag picks them up through the car rider line at the left side of the school. Some students ride a school bus or an after school day care van, and some students attend the after school program.

For students' safety, parents/ families may not take students from their dismissal line - teachers are required to take students to their specified drop off location.  If a parent must make a last minute change in transportation, the parent must go to the office (and show ID), not go to the teacher who has the student. 

Donations: Donations are GREATLY appreciated! Please see my webpage for specific items needed in the classroom. Tissues and dry erase markers are always in demand, but if you have other items you think we could use, feel free to send them in!

Dress Code:  No flip-flops.  Shirts must have sleeves that are two adult finger widths (no spaghetti straps), and shorts should be finger-tip length. If clothing lights up, plays music, or is otherwise a distraction, it is probably not a good idea to wear to school. If a student's attire is in question, the student will visit the office for clarification.



 Early Release: Be sure to take note of the Thursdays that are early release days. (The days are listed on the website calendar.) Students will eat lunch on these days. Dismissal is at 12:00pm.

Electronics: Students should leave all electronics at home. This includes cell phones, game watches, and phone watches.

Email: I do most of my communication via email. Please be sure to give me the email address that you check most often. Due to our busy schedule, I cannot take phone calls during school hours, but I read and respond to e-mail when possible.


 Family Time: Enjoy time with your child after school! Ask how their day went, what was fun, what books we read, what they did during Daily 5, etc.  Read with your child nightly.  I love having time with my family as well, so be aware I may not always answer emails in the evenings or on weekends.

Fees: School fees are $6.00. (Instructional supply fee-$5 and Art fee-$1). Make checks out to CFIE. 

Field Trips: We will send home information about field trips as they occur. Only students with signed parental approval may attend. Once a field trip is paid for we cannot reimburse that money if your child does not go. Chaperones must be fingerprinted through the county and be on file in the office as an approved chaperone.



Global: CFIE is an International Passport School, meaning that every grade level has a focus on one region of the world. We pride ourselves in having global learners! 1st grade's region is Africa.   



Headphones: We use computers on a daily basis and each student will use their personal headphones at this time. Students will be responsible for their own headphones.  

Homework: A weekly homework sheet will be sent home in the Homework Folder. Homework is meant to reinforce daily classroom activities and instill responsibility in students rather than to assess their performance on the work completed. Parents, please do not do your child's homework! Just look over it and help if necessary, and check for completion.  I am aware of families’ busy schedules, but be sure your child has time to do their daily homework. Students may not "work ahead" on their homework. Homework will be posted on my webpage.

 Homework Folder:  Students will bring home their homework folder on a nightly basis. The left side will be labeled as items to keep at home/new information, and each evening parents should remove papers from this pocket and initial the daily behavior chart. The right side will be labeled as homework/return to school. Anything that comes to me should be in this pocket including notes and money. A document protector will be connected via the center prongs where a monthly calendar and weekly homework can be found. 



Illness: Please keep your child home when they are sick. If they have a fever or vomiting they will be unable to return to school until 24 hours after the symptoms are gone. Please be sure medication is not masking the illness.

Inclement weather:  If school will be delayed or closed, it is usually announced by 6:30am. You may call the Onslow County Information Line at 989-2211 or go to Onslow County Schools’ website (see above).

Independence: is a goal for students because it builds self-esteem and self-confidence.  If you would like to walk your student to class in the morning you will need to sign in at the office and wear a visitor sticker.    Please say goodbye at the classroom door and let your child enter on his/her own.  First graders are very capable of doing many things on their own and I encourage them to do as much as they can for themselves in the classroom. Also, please work on the following skills at home with your child: zipping, tying shoes, opening snack and lunch foods, etc.



Journals: Writing takes place every day in First grade. One way we accomplish this is through free writing in our journals and through Writer’s Workshop. Encourage your child to write at home! 



Kindergarten Skills: These are very important for your child to have mastered to be successful in First grade. Continue to work on these at home.



 Late arrivals or early dismissals: If your child arrives after 8:00, you must sign your child in at the office and he/she will receive a tardy slip. If you check your child out early (before 3:00pm), sign out in the office and they will call the classroom and we will send your child to the office. Check your student out before 2:45! There are no check outs between 2:45 and 3:00. Be aware that three tardies/early dismissals are equal to one absence.

Lunch: Our lunch is 11:05-11:35. Come eat with us anytime! Just meet us outside the cafeteria. Students are encouraged to be independent when eating their meals – lunch items brought from home should be able to be opened by the child. Warming up food for students is not an option.

 Lunch Payments:  Families can visit the cafeteria to make payments, or you can make online payments at  You will need your student’s lunch/ ID number which can be provided by the teacher, the cafeteria, or the office. (It is on your child’s report card.) Please note: Snack items are available for purchase (ice cream, chips, rice crispy treats…). It is the families’ responsibility to regulate the purchase of snacks. If you want to limit the snacks your child may purchase, go to this website and add your limitation.

If you send lunch money to school, please make sure it is in an envelope/baggie labeled with your child’s name, what the money is for and how much money is in the envelope/baggie.  If you send in a check, please write your student’s lunch number on the memo line and include a current address and phone number. The school cafeteria can be reached by calling (910) 347-7826. Meal prices are $1.25 for breakfast and $2.25 for lunch.  Students who bring meals from home may purchase milk for $.50. 

Lunch Applications: You may apply for free or reduced lunch/breakfast. A new application is required each school year, one form per household. Applications may be completed online using If you want more information or prefer a paper application you may print from the Onslow County Schools Website (see above). Approved applicants are still responsible for accrued charges.



 Medications: If your child must take prescription medication at school, you must fill out ‘The Administration of Medication Form’ and an adult must bring in and pick-up the medicine. Chap-Stick and Cough drops are not allowed without a doctor’s note. Please see school’s handbook on the CFIE webpage for details.

 Money: Please send all lunch $, book fair $, field trip $, etc. in a labeled envelope indicating your child's name, the amount of money, and what it is for.  Place this in your child's homework folder on the "Return to School" side. If sending a check, please include your current address and phone number.

Media Center: We go to the library/media center as one of our specials.

Music: We have music as one of our specials.



 North Carolina Standard Course of Study: We follow the North Carolina guidelines in First grade.



 Oatmeal Containers: We will need large oatmeal containers in February for student valentine mailboxes.  Country Time Lemonade and Electrasol containers will work, too! These can be sent in at any time throughout the year.

Open House will be the end of September.



 Pledge: The Pledge of Allegiance is included in our morning announcements.

 Physical Education: We have PE as one of our specials. Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes and appropriate clothing on this day. There may not be time to “change shoes” so have your child wear appropriate footwear to school.



 A good QUALITY education is very important.



 Reading: This is a major focus in our classroom. Skills must be reinforced at home in order for your child to be on grade level by the end of the year.  Be sure to read with your child nightly!!

 Recess: We will have 30 minutes of outside play each day, weather permitting. 



Snack: We have snack time daily.  Send in a single, simple, healthy snack – no candy.  Since we often have a working snack, avoid messy/juicy/sticky foods such as fruit cups, yogurt, pudding, oranges that need to be peeled, peanut butter or caramel for dipping fruit, etc. so this does not get on our books/papers.  We only drink water in the classroom (no powders added in).  If you tend to forget a daily snack, place 5 items in a small pocket of your child’s backpack each Monday morning. :)   We do not keep snacks in desks overnight.

 School Hours:  Our school day is from 8:00am-3:00pm. The front doors open at 7:40am.



 Tardies: Students are marked tardy if they arrive after 8:00 am. We start instruction time as soon as announcements are finished at 8:05. Being tardy eliminates the student’s ability to go to breakfast, use the bathroom, and handle other responsibilities before instruction starts. Please make every effort to have your student here before 8am. If you arrive after 8:00am you must check your child in at the office.

 Toys: Students should not bring toys to school. This includes watches with games on them.

 Transportation: Students will either be bus riders, walkers, car riders, daycare with vans, or before/after school programs. You must e-mail or send a written note, signed and dated, if there is a change in your child’s after school transportation for a particular day or we are required to send your child home according to their scheduled transportation.  Please note: If you email me near the end of the day, there is no guarantee that I have time to read e-mails before dismissal.  Written notes that I receive in the morning are best.

We are aware that traffic is incredibly congested before and after school!  If you choose to have your child be a car rider, be patient and allow plenty of time for this process. Please do not drop off your child along the road in front of the school – this is a huge safety issue! Students may only be dropped off with a staff member after going through the car rider line. Students must have a car rider tag to be a car rider - check with the office to obtain one.



 What an honor to live in the USA!

 We celebrate the uniqueness of each student.



Visitors: All visitors must sign in at the office and receive a visitor's pass. This is for the safety of our children. Students may only be checked out with authorization from the school and parents/legal guardians. ID is required when checking out a student.

 If you are walking your child to class, say goodbye at the door and let them enter independently.

Volunteers: WE LOVE YOU! Volunteers must go through training and be fingerprinted through Onslow County Schools before helping at the school or being a chaperone. Please note, it can take time to go through the process so be aware of this if you are wanting to go on field trip on a specific date. You may inquire in the office for scheduled training dates. Once you have completed this and are cleared with your fingerprinting, please let me know so I can add you to my volunteer list.



Water bottles: Students may bring in small water bottles to keep at their desks as long as they do not cause a distraction.  Only water will be allowed in the classroom.  Please avoid ice water as the condensation gets everything wet.

 Website: Check the CFIE and my classroom website for important announcements, homework documents, photos, and classroom needs. To find my page, look under “CFIE Staff” at the left on the school’s webpage.



 First grade students are eXtra special. 



 You: You are your child’s first and most important teacher! You are the most important person in your child’s life and I would like to say thank you for sharing this special time with me.



 Now let’s ZOOM into 1st Grade!!



-Thank you in advance for your support. I look forward to an AWESOME school year and hope to make it a wonderful experience for you and your child.

 ~Mrs. Stiles