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Go Math Login Instructions
Due Date: 11/14/2016
Subject: First Grade

Dear Families-

I have great news- the math program we use at school, “Go Math!”, is now accessible to you online!

Online, go to .  Click Mathematics on the top left side, then the orange “Go Math” with the blue sky background. Use the dropdown box to select state: NC, District: Onslow County, and school: CFIE. Click “Remember my organization.  :)  Now enter your child’s username and password. You should now be in the system.  Click on “My Library” and you are in!

In “My Library” you will see the icons you may use.  In class, we begin our lesson with the “Math on the Spot” video (it is 3-4 minutes long).  Then we do the “Interactive Student Edition” which thoroughly explains HOW to do the math for that lesson.  If you student is struggling, do the Interactive Student Edition!!  Finally, we do the “Go Math Student Edition e-book” which is the exact same textbook we use in class, plus it has that day’s homework at the end of the lesson. 

If your child is absent, they now have access to that day’s lesson.  They can watch the video, do the interactive activity, and then be able to see the lesson. They cannot interact with it, just see it. 

Note: to find the lesson in the e-book, you will first see the cover of the book.  Click on “Contents” in the top left corner. The first thing will be “Front Matter” with a small arrow to the left of it- click on the arrow. Now you are at the table of contents and can scroll down to find the chapter we are learning. Click on the chapter and scroll down to find the day’s lesson.  If you don’t know the lesson, look on your child’s homework page in their homework folder and it is listed under the math heading.  And if you don’t have that week’s homework page, I always put the home work page online in my webpage in the school’s website.  (Go to the school’s website, click “Staff” on the left, then my name in the list.)

Hooray for technology!  I hope you are able to make use of this!!

~Mrs. Stiles